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Did you know?

Our epithelium is home to many microorganisms, viruses

and microbiotes, which, during the waxing procedure, are

transported with a spatula from the skin into the depilatory wax jar.

The temperatures at which depilatory waxes are melt and

kept allow these pathogens to proliferate, ready to be

transferred to the next person, even if you change spatula.

In addition, the dilatation of skin pores occurring with the

heated wax makes the skin layer more easily permeable by

bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungal infections.



Dosetta is the world first waxing device that avoids the risk of contamination.

With Dosetta each epilation becomes disposable and hygienic, is the only metod wich allows and proves tangibly to your customers the hygienic procedure adopted during the service.


From the perfect combination of organic and vegan raw materials, from the hilly gardens of Florence, and the most advanced nutracosmeceuticals, loaded with natural bioactive ingredients is born Mastori, a range of versatile and multifunctional products, 100% Made in Italy, dedicated to beauty & health of the whole family, recommended for Him & Her, as well as for the young and delicate children’s skin.



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